Event Description for Asian Culture For Love In Halifax

Join us for a vibrant celebration of Asian heritage as we present the "Asian Culture For Love In Halifax." This series of cultural showcases brings the community together to experience and appreciate the rich traditions and modern innovations of Asian cultures. Our event features an array of exciting performances, each promising to captivate and educate attendees of all ages:

  1. Dragon Dance: Witness the powerful and majestic Dragon Dance, a traditional form of dance and performance in Chinese culture known for bringing good luck and prosperity.
  2. Kids Kungfu Dance: Be enthralled by our young performers who will demonstrate their agility and skill in an energetic Kungfu display.
  3. K-Pop Workshop: Dive into the dynamic world of K-Pop with our interactive workshop that invites you to learn and participate in the latest dance trends from Korea.
  4. Hanfu Fashion Show: Experience the elegance of historical Chinese attire through our Hanfu Fashion Show, showcasing beautiful garments ranging from imperial robes to the refined styles of scholars and poets.

Event Schedule:

  • May 4th at Mic Mac Mall: 14:00 - 15:30
  • May 12th at Alderney Landing: 13:30 - 15:00
  • May 25th at Halifax Centre Library: 15:30 - 17:00

Presented by: Creative Lime & inHalifax Supported Charity: Feed Nova Scotia


  • Mic Mac Mall
  • Alderney Landing
  • Halifax Centre Library

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

  • Duck King Restaurant
  • Simon Realty Group
  • Captain Atlantic Seafood
  • iNovaTree Education
  • Larry Tattoo
  • Beyond Pho
  • Cello Soul Bakery & Cafe
  • Captain Ma Noodles
  • Modern Orchid Chinese Restaurant

Join us as we celebrate Asian heritage, culture, and community through these immersive and engaging performances. Each event is designed to bring people together, offering a window into the vibrant traditions that enrich Halifax's multicultural landscape.

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5.4.2024 14:00
5.4.2024 15:30
5.12.2024 13:30
5.12.2024 15:00
5.25.2024 15:30
5.25.2024 17:00
Mic Mac Mall, Alderney Landing, Halifax Centre Library
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Asian Culture For Love In Halifax In support of Feed Nova Scotia Embrace the vibrant spirit of Asian Heritage Month 2024. Dive into the Heart of Diversity with Asian Culture For Love in Halifax! Join us as we celebrate the wealth of Asian traditions with exhilarating performances and cultural showcases. Presented by Creative Lime & inHalifax. Every donation helps us weave a stronger tapestry of unity and love in our community. Let's unite under the lantern-lit sky and savour the richness of Asian heritage. Donate, revel, and let’s make this year’s celebration an unforgettable fusion of joy and solidarity!

Donate for love!
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